„MIM presents a fresh overlook on modern pop music, combining elements of pop, trip-hop, pop-rock and drawing inspiration from influential artists of our time while bringing own vision and uniqueness to the table.” - AMB Magazine

Modern alternative Pop that doesn't sacrifice emotions for the sake of complexity. The band MIM is drawing from a rich repertoire of styles such as Pop, Funk, R&B and Jazz, but always manages to let these influences shine through without overshadowing the original ideas they pair them with and manage to create a style of their own. Their first two albums Expired Warranty(2016) and New Breeze(2019), created and produced in Tyrol, play with cleverness, charm, sympathetic self-irony and that portion of emotionality that makes the created songs so distinctive. MIM is currently working on an EP. The first Single will be released in November 21.




Vocals - Mimi Schmid

Guitar - Chris Hauser

Keys - Michael Hosp

Bass - Benjamin Lampert

Drums - Christoph Pfister

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Freigeistin Fotografie

Flowing Frames

Booking & Management


Miriam Schmid




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